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يارب يسوع المسيح ابن اللّه الحيّ إرحمني أنا الخاطئ

Planning and goal setting in mission

Twenty years ago I went on a course in mission and evangelism at the Haggai Institute in Singapore. It was a month-long course for people from many different countries in what was then called the Third World. One of the things they taught us was planning and goal setting….

The rest of this post, and the links to it, you can find on my experimental WordPress blog, Khanya.

This isn’t just a trick post to try and get you to look over there (though I hope you will, if you are interested in the topic), but also part of my continuing experiments to try to see if I should stick with Blogger or move to WordPress for blogging. So if you have comments to make on the topic of planning and goal setting in mission, I hope you’ll make them over on the other blog, but if you have comments ot make on which blogging software is better, I hope you’ll make them here.

One of the things I’m playing with in this is the trackback feature in WordPress, which seems to work rather like the (now broken) “Blog this” feature in Blogger.


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One thought on “Planning and goal setting in mission

  1. The Scylding on said:

    This is not on the tpic, but you might be interested in a discussion on the relevance of textual criticism vs. the life of the church – see

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