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يارب يسوع المسيح ابن اللّه الحيّ إرحمني أنا الخاطئ

Words and how we use them

As a former editor and proof-reader, one of the things that interests me is words and how people use them, and so I foujd this list of links to language-related articles very interesting, and the easiest way of keeping it for future reference was to copy the whole thing. Hat-tip to Link love: language (47) | Sentence first.

Is malarkey Irish?

The world’s oldest message in a bottle.

Grammar gotcha” and political speech.

Vices of modern prose (from a century ago).

Briticisms in American English.

When foreign words and native accents meet.

Linguistic advice for pseudo-Elizabethan romancers.

A short history of Wow! from 1513 to now.

Literature vs. traffic (art installation).

Why handwriting matters.


Is funner grammatical?

Dialectal differences in sign languages.

An immodest proposal to reform the English writing system.

Noah Webster’s designs for American orthography.

France ≠ twirling a moustache: how British sign language is changing.

Good debate on language rules, usage, and authority.

Mononymy: when people use just one name.

How the Beatles used and influenced the English language.

Non-singular only is not debatable.

Are some languages faster than others?

A dictionary of Demotic Egyptian has been published.

Translating Finnegans Wake into Chinese.

Booklet on the recently expired Cromarty fisher dialect of Scots (PDF).

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3 thoughts on “Words and how we use them

  1. Stan really does have interesting language posts doesn’t he

    Shaun aka Jams

  2. Hello. I appreciate your visit, and I’m glad you enjoyed the links, but convenience does not entitle you to copy and reproduce an entire blog post without permission.

  3. Wow, now that’s some array. Sunday reading.

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