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Bad design drives out good: USB flash drives

For the last year or so I’ve been looking for some bigger USB flash drives, but the ones available in the shops seem to be of inferior design.

I received a leaflet from a well-known chain of computer stores, Computer Corporation, which advertised the kind of flash drives I was looking for, I rushed over there, and found that they weren’t. I asked the guy in the shop and he said the ones in the pamphlet were “For illustration only”. So I’d wasted my time and petrol because of their misleading advertising.

These are the ones I have, and I’d like to get more with the same design.

USB flash drives: good design no longer available

The first ones I got had removable caps that kept getting lost.

This design solved that problem neatly, with a swivelling metal cover that protected the drive, and also had attachments that will help you to not lose the drive itself by having it fall out of your pocket. The red one on the left had the best idea — put it on a key ring, which would make it less likely that you would forget it. I’d love to get some more like that.

So why does no one seem to make them any more?



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6 thoughts on “Bad design drives out good: USB flash drives

  1. A quick search shows they do still make them and they are available in RSA. Just search for swivel usb flash drives.

    • Aye, but most of them seem to be promotional ones — you can buy them in large quantities to have your logo put on them and give them away as corporate gifts. They don’t seem to be available in ordinary computer shops.

    • Yes, I have a couple of those, since they were the only ones available. But they are easier to lose. I thought the keyring idea was a good one, and I’d really like to get some more of those. That one is nearing the end of its useful life.

  2. It’s called “progress”, Steve. A pox on that.

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