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يارب يسوع المسيح ابن اللّه الحيّ إرحمني أنا الخاطئ


A couple of weeks ago my computer began switching itself off and rebooting unexpectedly. At first I wondered whether the CPU was overheating — that had happened once before when I had one with an AMD processor, which tended to overheat.

Eventually I thought it might be the multiplug adapter I was using, and so I replaced it, or rather I replaced the first of three, which had a built-in surge protector. Perhaps it has been zapped by lightning. The new one was really long, so I thought I could reclaim some desk space by just having one adapter instead of three, but no such luck.

Two of the devices I use have transformers built in to the plugs. This means that when you plug them in, they cover two other holes, and so make those unusable. So I needed two multiplug adapters.

But then I tried to plug my printer in. It has a round plastic two-pin plug, and each adapter had a socket for one of those. The trouble is that the manufacturers had cunningly installed a plastic plate that blocked the prongs of the plug. So the printer would not plug into either, no matter how much force was applied.

So in the end I had to have a third one, just to plug in the printer, and my desk looks as bad as it ever did.

Design for the real world, anyone?


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One thought on “Wired!

  1. CherryPie on said:

    I have just replaced my under-desk multi plug surge protector for a tower one. No more tangled wires under the desk and easy access to all the plugs as it is now on the back of my desk behind the monitor.

    I can’t claim the credit for finding it, that was down to Mr C 🙂

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