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Are Google out to destroy blogging?

Google seem to be determined to drive their users away to other platforms. I moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress when they forced their new dysfunctional editor on me.

Now Goggle have been inviting Blogger users to switch their Blogger profile to a Google+ one. But the Google+ one is inferior, from a blogging point of view. On the old Blogger profile you can click on your own, or someone else’s “Interests” and find other bloggers who are interested in those things, and thus find interesting blogs to read. The Google+ profile lacks this feature, so I resisted Google’s blandishments and didn’t switch.

But they punished me for it, because when I wanted to comment on blogs that have switched, I found that I could not do so — you could type anything you liked in the comment box, but nothing would appear on the screen.

One of the blogs on which this happened has now moved to WordPress, and another has gone back to using Disqus for commenting.

And now Google have decided to call their online chat thingy “Hangouts”. Well, I don’t care what they call it, I never do online “chatting” anyway. Watching someone remotely typing on my screen and correcting spelling as they go (or not) is as bad, if not worse, than watching paint dry. But for those who do like such chatting, beware. Now there is this: nourishing obscurity — Hangouts is an analogy for Big Brother.

Actually, all this is probably part of the war between Facebook and Google for market share. They are trying to lock users into believing and acting as if their site is the Internet. They want to force everyone to communicate with other people only on their site. That’s why Facebook changed everyone’s e-mail address to a Facebook one, without telling them, and without telling them how to use it either.

Never forget that you are not the customer. You are the product that they are selling to advertisers.






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7 thoughts on “Are Google out to destroy blogging?

  1. Steve, moving to a Google+ profile doesn’t alter the commenting system. You have to switch it manually. All it does is mirror the comments onto the Google+ stream and vice versa. In theory allows you to expand the area where people interact with your blog. They do admit that the Google+ commenting system only allows people with a Google+ profile to comment, something which they will alter at some point.

    • I have a Google+ profile, yet it wouldn’t allow me to comment — presumably because I had not linked my Google+ profile to my blog. And I won’t do that, because the Google+ profile is inferior to the old Blogger one.

  2. Google is also phasing out one of its most useful (and simplest) products, Google Reader, the aggregator that I’ve been using to follow many blogs (including yours) for the last several years – so not only are they making it harder to blog, they’re making it harder to follow others’ blogs.

  3. The *only* way I could comment on my own blog in Blogger after I shut down my Google account was to revert to an old template and code by hand. And gods,no, you won’t catch me on Hangouts either. wish we’d all learn to go read s book!

    • And I found that the only way I could position pictures in my blog with the new and “improved” Blogger editor was to open up the HTML code and code it by hand. The WordPress editor lets you add captions, but they didn’t think of adding any functionality when they “improved” the Blogger editor — they just took away features that it previously had.

  4. I still use Blogger for my teaching but it’s getting harder and harder to get any value out of it.

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