Notes from underground

يارب يسوع المسيح ابن اللّه الحيّ إرحمني أنا الخاطئ

A man without a fish is like a guitar without a bicycle

I somehow frittered the day away. Computers and the Internet are a huge time waster. ArtsyHonker (Kathryn) on Twitter asks how you carry a guitar on a bicycle, and I feel sure I have somewhere seen a picture of David Kramer on a bicycle with a guitar on his back. So I go to Google in search of images, but to get there, I go via Google mail, and there are all sorts of things clamouring for my attention.

My weekly Plaxo address updates are waiting for me. Ususally I just delete them, but this time I open it, and it says that 42 people are following my Plaxo address updates, so I must make sure my profile is up to date, but none of the people I have on my address list have changed anything. Delete. Then someone wants to be in my network on Linked-In. There are about 10, 15, more of those requests. I go to them and they ask me how I know that person, and to be honest I don’t, I’ve never heard of them. Perhaps I should just delete them, but I don’t. Perhaps they’ll comment on my blog, or do something so that I’ll know that I know them, but I never do.

guitar2And then there’s someone recommending of book for me on Good Reads. The custard pie appreciation affiliates or something. I forget now. And then…. wait a bit, why am I reading this stuff? Oh yes, I was looking for a picture of a guitar without a bicicle, no, that’s a fish, I mean a bicycle with a guitar. So I click on images and type in “David Kramer bicycle guitar” And there are a lot of images of bicycles without guitars and guitars without bicycles and David Kramer without either. Eventually I find an image with someone riding a bicycle and carrying a guitar, and find the actual URL without all the nonsense Google adds to them, and copy it and make my may back to Twitter, and try to find  ArtsyHonker’s tweet about a guitar and a bicycle, but there are so many new tweets that it takes me a while to find it, but at last I do and I’m just about to click on reply when zzzzzzp, it shoots up the screen and I have to scroll back and find it all over again. And eventually I find it again and post the link to the picture.

bikesBut why am I doing this anyway, because I don’t know ArtsyHonker (Kathryn) either, and if I wanted to link to her on Twitter, I mean Linked-In, it wouldn’t let me, because I woulodn’t know how I knew her, O wait a bit, I do. It goes back to the protests last year, or the year before, Occupy Wall Street, and there was an Occupy Threadneedle Street or something near St Paul’s Cathedral in London with people camped out around it, and the dean and chapter, or provost and chapter or whatever they call themselves decided to close St Paul’s in a fit of pique, instead of inviting the occupiers to Evensong.

And back then ArtsyHonker was organising flashmobs for Evensong and Compline, and they had a Flashmob Evensong on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral and I thought that was really cool, and so started following @FlashEvensong on Twitter, but then it died out after a while, but @FlashCompline lasted a bit longer, but now that seems to have died too so I don’t know why I’m still following ArtsyHonker on Twitter, but I still think FlashCompline is a cool idea, and I’d love to do a flash-mob Orthodox Vespers in a shopping mall some time.

But that kind of grasshopper activity is how computers get you, so you never settle to do one thing but you keep jumping from one to another, and eventually, several hours later I went to read “Mrs Dalloway”, which I bought the other day, and you can tell, can’t you, because it’s a stream of consciousness novel like Ulysses, but not quite so long and that kind of thing tends to be catching, like flashmobs.

Kramer2So who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?

And guess what, when I was about to finish writing this post (copied from my diary), I thought I should add some pictures to brighten its little life, so off I went to search all over again, and what should I find  but an image of David Kramer, and a bicycle, and a guitar. @ArtsyHonker, you’d better read this! And may the Lord grant you a quiet night and a perfect end.


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