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يارب يسوع المسيح ابن اللّه الحيّ إرحمني أنا الخاطئ

I’m going slightly mad

In 1966 I went to see two films in Croydon. One was Alfie, with Michael Caine in the title role. The other was Face of a stranger, about a released prisoner who impersonates his cellmate (still in prison) to his blind wife, in the hope of discovering where the loot from a robbery was hidden. To my recollection the part of the wife, Mary Bell, was played by Judi Dench, and it was the first film where I recalled seeing her name. Three years later I saw the film again, at the Missions to Seamen in Durban.

The name of Judi Dench came up in conversation, and I thought I would check to find out something about the film.

A Google search failed to find it.

It was as if  had completely vanished, and had never been made.

I tried other seach engines, and eventually found a couple of references to the film. But it said that the part of Mary Bell was played by Rosemary Leach, not Judi Dench.

So where did I get the idea that Judi Dench had a role in Face of a stranger?

Perhaps it was some other film that I saw, but which one?

Here are films I saw in 1966

Does anyone know if Judi Dench acted in any of them?

  • 12-Feb-1966, Saturday        One spy too many.
  • 16-Feb-1966, Wednesday       The flight of the phoenix.
  • 27-Feb-1966, Sunday          A night to remember
  • 3-Mar-1966, Thursday         Bunny Lake is missing
  • 4-Mar-1966, Friday           The spy who came in from the cold.
  • 12-Mar-1966, Saturday        Thunderball. James Bond spy movie.
  • 14-Mar-1966, Monday          Rasputin the mad monk; The reptile.
  • 26-Mar-1966, Saturday        Judith
  • 28-Mar-1966, Monday          Our man Flint.
  • 11-Apr-1966, Monday          The great St Trinian’s train robbery.
  • 2-May-1966, Monday           633 Squadron; The world of Henry Orient.
  • 8-May-1966, Sunday           Holly Communion; Fist in pocket.
  • 21-May-1966, Saturday        Alfie; Face of a stranger.
  • 22-May-1966, Sunday          Morgan, a suitable case for treatment
  • 5-Jun-1966, Sunday           Round the bend; Modesty Blaise.
  • 19-Jun-1966, Sunday          Tom Jones; Never on Sunday.
  • 13-Jul-1966. Wednesday       The wrong box.
  • 27-Aug-1966, Saturday        The great race
  • 9-Sep-1966, Friday           A fine madness
  • 11-Sep-1966, Sunday          Stage fright
  • 12-Sep-1966, Monday          The war game; Four in the morning
  • 1-Oct-1966, Saturday         Ten tall men
  • 27-Oct-1966, Thursday        The innocent sorcerers.
  • 28-Oct-1966, Friday          The seven samurai.
  • 15-Nov-1966, Tuesday         Arabesque.
  • 16-Nov-1966, Wednesday       Seven days in May.
  • 8-Dec-1966, Thursday         The trap
  • 9-Dec-1966, Friday           Viva Maria
  • 26-Dec-1966, Monday          A journey to the centre of the earth
  • 28-Dec-1966, Wednesday       Alice in wonderland

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2 thoughts on “I’m going slightly mad

  1. Judi Dench was apparently in a tv series called Talking To A Stranger during 1964 to 1966

    Don’t remember it myself as I was only born in 1963.

  2. I searched for the film again today, as I saw it exactly 50 years ago, and could not find it on Google at all. even though I searched for ‘”Face of a stranger” IMDb’. But Google did find my own blog post (this one), and entering the name of the actual actress, Rosemary Leach, did find it. I find it very odd that Google cannot find a film by its title. For anyone who may be looking for it, you can find the film here Face of a stranger, even if a direct Google search won’t find it.

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