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Google+ and Blogger profiles

Google are asking people who use Blogger to merge their Blogger profile with their Google+ one. I think this is a bad idea, and am resisting it as long as possible.

The Google+ profile is inferior to the Blogger one. In the blogger profile, you can click on “Interests” to find other people interested in the same things. So I clicked on “missiology” as an interest, and found a lot of interesting blogs. That doesn’t work with Google+ profiles.

Also, when I go to blogs that have switched to the Google+ profile, the commenting system is linked to Google+ and I find that I cannot type any comments in the comment box. Perhaps it’s just me, in which case I’ll have to develop a conspiracy theory that Google have developed a bug to target me personally.

Last time they seriously messed up Blogger (by crippling the editor) I moved this blog from Blogspot to WordPress. I still have one remaining Blogger blog, my genealogy one, but if they mess with it any more I’ll probably abandon that one too.

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5 thoughts on “Google+ and Blogger profiles

  1. You have some points Steve!

    Interests – not sure where that is on a standard Google profile but if you search for ‘missiology’ on Google+ you get lots of people and posts appear, including yourself.

    If you do switch the commenting system from Blogger, Disqus or any other third party to Google+ then the unfortunate effect is that people without a Google+ profile will be unable to comment. Hopefully that is something that will be changed later. The plus side is that any comments on your blog will be replicated on any linked Google+ post. So where you recently commented on my blog that is reflected on the Google+ timeline so reaching a much larger audience. This works vice versa in that posting on a linked post on Google+ will reflect on the blogpost. It’s an interesting way of doing things.

    I don’t know why you couldn’t post directly on my blog but your comments were showing up there through Google+.

    Conspiracy theory? Maybe.

    • When I tried to comment on your blog, I typed but nothing appeared. When I sent the comment, it was empty.

      I still find the old Blogger profiles much more useful. When I search for “missiology” in interests, it shows me people with those interests who have BLOGS.

  2. Oh, any I think the profile on Google+ can offer a much more info and can control who sees that as well.

  3. CherryPie on said:

    I too struggle with blogs that have gone the Google+ route.

  4. I too have given Google+ up as a bad job. Hate that I can’t see all the blogs a person has on Google+ – the blogger profile lists every blog one has (except of course WP). Google+ also seemed to interfere with my blogging platform, picked up a lot of problems.

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