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The complete idiot’s guide to Algebra (review)

The Complete Idiot's Guide to AlgebraThe Complete Idiot’s Guide to Algebra by W. Michael Kelley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I was 11 years old I went to high school and started Algebra. A couple of weeks after the beginning of the school term I was sick, and missed about 3 days’ classes, and must have missed something vital, because I never managed to catch up. In maths exams I did well in geometry, was mediocre in arthmetic and trigonometry (mainly because of careless mistakes) but very poor in algebra. So when I saw this book in the library, I thought it might be an opportunity to see what I had missed.

I found the first few chapters interesting and informative. I was amazed at how what I had learned about vulgar fractions at school came back to me, and made more sense than it ever had at school. Even the beginning of algebra made much more sense. Perhaps it was because more than 30 years of using computers had taught me the uses of variables, though with computers one usually assigns values to variables rather than trying to work out the value of variables in equations. Things I had learnt at school as arbitrary rules suddenly began to make sense. Perhaps they made too much sense, because I found sometimes I could not follow the reasoning in the book, but following my own reasoning was able to solve simple (very simple) equations in my head.

I began to think that algebra could make sense after all.

So I read on, and then came a section where there were a lot of arbitrary unexplained rules that would need to be memorised if I were to make any more progress. Nevertheless, I kept the book in the bathroom and read snatches of it in the bath. Some bits made sense, others didn’t.

I don’t think I’ll finish the book because the time is drawing near when I’ll have to take it back to the library. That’s OK. I don’t think I’ve used the little algebra I learnt since leaving school over 50 years ago, so I doubt that I’ll have much use for it in the short time left to me. But I’d still like to read a book in which the reasons behind the rules are explained. For a few chapters I thought that this would turn out to be one of those books, but it wasn’t.

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2 thoughts on “The complete idiot’s guide to Algebra (review)

  1. Then you need to read about Abstract Algebra, where you will see all those inexplicably random rules as special-case-scenarios for our particular subset of algebra.
    Terri in Joburg

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