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Why do I support Putin?

I was gobsmacked to be told by another blogger recently that I supported Putin.

Tell Me Bill Maher Is Not an Idiot | Clarissa’s Blog: “Yet you support Putin whose belligerent war mongering makes both Obama and Bush look like babes in arms?”

That was news to me, and so I asked what made her think I supported Putin, and it was apparently because I had referred to the conflict in Ukraine as a “civil war”, perhaps in this earlier blog post: Some observations on the Ukraine crisis | Notes from underground.

Now she is Ukrainian, and I am not and I’ve never been to Ukraine. I have read a little of its history, and according to the history I have read, Eastern and Western Ukraine have different histories and this sometimes leads to differences of opinion. Blogger Clarissa denies this, says that there are no differences of opinion among Ukrainians, and all the problems are caused by outside interference in Ukraine’s domestic affairs — from Putin, of course.

Well, to misquote Bob Dylan, Oh, no, no, no, I’ve been through this movie before. We were told during the era of the Verwoerdian dream that black people and white people in South Africa lived in perfect harmony, and any appearance to the contrary was caused by outside agitators from Moscow. And therefore anyone who spoke of differences of opinion was ipso facto a Communist, and was therefore supporting Stalin or Krushchev or Brezhnev or Andropov or whoever happened to be the head honcho of the USSR at the moment. We even had laws that defined “communist” in such terms.

José Mujica, President of Uruguay

José Mujica, President of Uruguay

I hold no brief for Putin. I don’t know what he’s up to most of the time, and I wonder if the citizens of Russia know what he’s up to most of the time either. To all accounts he’s an exponent of Realpolitik, but the same appears to be true or Obama, Cameron, Merkel and the rest of them. So I don’t “support” any of them.

The only political leader I might just possibly support is the President of Uruquay. José Mujica. If we had a politician like that, I’d support him. But in voting in our election earlier this year it was a matter of deciding which was the least of 29 evils, and it was a hard choice.

As for Ukraine, I just wish the Ukrainians would sort out their differences peaceully, whether or not they have any differences, with minimal interference from politicians in other countries, all of whom, I suspect, are using Ukraine as a political football.


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5 thoughts on “Why do I support Putin?

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  2. It’s ironic that, as one who was taught to hate and fear the Russians from an early age, I now regard Vladimir Putin as the ONLY credible leader on the World Stage (and let it be said that I admire José Mujica also).

    Thank heavens for the internet and the Alternative Media which exposes the propaganda of the USA military industrial complex and it’s European Union puppets.

    I used to be silent on the the Evil force which is controlling the Western World for fear of being labelled a nut-job ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ but the evidence before me cannot be ignored – If I was a Christian I’d probably be convinced that the World is bowing to the Anti-Christ.

    • I agree with you entirely about the evil force controlling the Western World. I’m just not so sure that Putin is that much better.

      I keep hoping that some of my Russian friends will give me the inside story, but they are guarded and speak obliquely, which is not a good sign. And I suspect that Putin’s relationship with the Russian mafia resembles that of Jake the Fake to Shabir the Shaik.

  3. Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine, first in Crimea (if you think that was a spontaneous civilian movement you were not paying any attention) and now in the East. The “pro-Russian” separatists are either Russian citizens or their paid proxies. There are almost no Ukrainian citizens fighting to leave Ukraine. This is common knowledge to anyone following the conflict in Russian (non-state sources) or Ukrainian (or Polish for that matter).

    You have no excuse for not knowing or acknowledging (beyond the abyssmal quality of 98% of the writing in English on the topic).

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