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يارب يسوع المسيح ابن اللّه الحيّ إرحمني أنا الخاطئ

Not The Shack

Waking LazarusWaking Lazarus by T.L. Hines
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I saw this book in the library the blurb looked quite interesting and I was in a hurry so I grabbed it. When I got home and began to read it, I began to have misgivings. A “Christian” book about abducted children from an evangelical publisher… was it going to be a re-run of The Shack. To my relief, it wasn’t. I found The Shack utterly twee and cringeworthy, a novel, ostensibly for adults, written in the style of Enid Blyton.

But it turned out to be quite readable, with some nice plot twists, a whodunit that keep the reader guessing, and with some strong elements of fantasy, and not too preachy. .

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4 thoughts on “Not The Shack

  1. I never read “The Shack” but I’m glad you didn’t like it. I feel vindicated in not having read it.

    • ‘Twas the 5th worst book I’ve ever read. Here’s the company it keeps:

      Reilly, Matthew. 2000. Temple.
      Gaarder, Jostein. 2010. The castle in the Pyrenees.
      Griffiths, Michael. 1980. Shaking the sleeping beauty: arousing the church
      to its mission
      Horwood, William. 1993. Duncton stone.
      Young, William P. 2007. The shack.
      Anthony, Piers. 1972. Macroscope.
      King, Stephen. 1988. The Tommyknockers.
      Masefield, John. 1966. Odtaa.
      Miller, Walter M. 1998. Saint Leibowitz and the wild horse woman.

      • Ha! I see two sequels on that list (Duncton and Leibowitz). Sometimes authors should just stop. I enjoyed the first Duncton book and the first Leibowitz book. I think I read the second one and it got too weird.

        The sequel that almost put me off the first book was the sequel to Dune. Just awful.

  2. I didn’t read the sequel to To kill a mocking bird. but hear it wasn’t much good. Liked the first Duncton book, but they got progressively worse. I got the impression that the author was deliberately doing it so the publishers would stop asking him for another one. Agree about Dune too,

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