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Threatfire antivirus?

My daughter has been having probelm with her computer crashing, and said she had tried a new antivirus program called Threatfire.

I downloaded it and tried it out — installed it on my laptop — and it slowed my computer down to a crawl, or actually brought it to a halt. The only way to get it moving again was actually to switch it off. It looks as though this program is not so much antivirus, but rather itself a virus. Has anyone used it successfully? Is there a trick to installing it, to get it to work?

I think I’m going to do a “system restore”.

AVG Antivirus problem

Is anyone else having this problem with AVG antivirus software?

“The system just recovered from a serious error”

Microsoft reported:

Problem caused by antivirus software

Although we have not determined the specific cause of this problem, we know the problem was caused by antivirus software.


To try to solve this problem, follow these steps. Each of the steps might solve your problem. If following a step doesn’t fix your problem, then go on to the next step.

Update your antivirus software

Missing antivirus software updates could be the cause of your computer’s problem.

Check for multiple antivirus programs running on your computer

Running two antivirus software programs on your computer at the same time is not recommended because the two programs can interfere with each other. Even if you don’t think your computer could be running two antivirus programs, antivirus software can sometimes come bundled with your computer and it might be running without your knowledge.

Contact the antivirus manufacturer

If you’ve completed the previous steps, we recommend you contact the antivirus manufacturer directly for additional support.

Problem is:

  • The problem apparently occurred during an update of AGV antivirus.
  • AVG doesn’t provide support for the free version, so there’s no way to tell them about the problem.

Is it likely that AVG will become aware of the problem and fix it?

Is there any other good antivirus software out there?

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