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Casing the joint

Someone from the United Kingdom found your profile page on Google with the keyword:”status update about going on holiday

That was one of the notifications I received from the web site.

I wonder whether, if I lived in the United Kingdom, my home would have received some unwelcome visitors?

I wonder if anyone who does live in the United Kingdom, and who posted such a status update somewhere, did receive such an unwelcome visit?

Here we receive warnings from security companies about current practices of the criminal community (I think that is the correct way to refer to such persons nowadays). First they case the joint, then they leave different colours of plastic bottles or wrappers outside as a signal to those who do the actual break-in.

So when you post your status updates, be careful what you say. Someone may be watching, and you never know who.

Look for the deals for your holiday but don’t tell the burglars. | Squashed Bills:

You may be excited and all happy that you are going abroad or booking a holiday in the United Kingdom but don’t announce on Facebook and Twitter. We are amazed at the amount of people who tell people that they are going on holiday and put status updates on.

Burglars may only need to look and see that you have told people that you are going away.

A survey by a leading insurance company Co-Operative Travel looked at messages such as “packing my cases “and “just landed “found that they were able to track down the location of the person within 60 seconds by doing checks on publically available databases.

And the notification above shows that they not only may look, they actually do.

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