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Olympic Ideals: Truer, Deeper, More Humble

In spite of all the commercialisation, the professionaslisation and the patriotisation, something of the true Olympic spirit survives, as these pictures show.

Hat-tip to Red Horse Down: Post #310 – Olympic Ideals: Truer, Deeper, More Humble

And three Russian gymnasts (Afanasyeva, Komova and Mustafina) give thanks for their achievements in the Games:

War and peace

h, and if you like the message, you can click in those little squares below to propagate it on Twitter I think this cartoon applies to a lot more places than Israel and Iran.

An American president (I think one of the Roosevelts) once said that the secrecy of diplomacy was to “talk softly and carry a big stick.” Now the politicians seem to shout loudly while brandishing their sticks.

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Iran war speculation and oil prices

Ron Paul, the US senator who was running for the Republican Party’s presidential candidate has said that speculation about an Iran War is driving the oil price up.

Informed Comment: Paul: Iran and Energy Crisis:

Ron Paul on Iran and the energy crisis. He argues that speculation about a US or Israeli strike on Iran is driving some of the increase in oil prices.

The OPEC president should know a thing or two about what drives oil prices and he agrees.

The speculation has been going on a long time ago — according to some, the war should have started two years ago or more, so it can’t be the only thing that’s driving the oil price up.

Hat-tip to Mard.

Iran rejects nuclear inspections unless Israel permits them, too

Seems like common sense to me, says Monte Asbury.

And to me too.

Source: Associated Press

Associated Press

By ALEXANDER G. HIGGINS – 3 hours ago

GENEVA (AP) — An Iranian envoy said Monday his government will not submit to extensive nuclear inspections while Israel stays outside the global treaty to curb the spread of atomic weapons.

“The existing double standard shall not be tolerated anymore by non-nuclear-weapon states,” Ambassador Ali Asghar Soltanieh told a meeting of the 190 countries that have signed the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Nuclear safeguards are far from universal, he said, adding that more than 30 countries are still without a comprehensive safeguard agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency to ensure full cooperation with that U.N. body.

“Israel, with huge nuclear weapons activities, has not concluded” such an agreement or submitted its facilities to the IAEA’s safeguards, Soltanieh said.

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British foreign ministers appointed by the White House?

Tony Grist writes in his LiveJournal:

Jack Straw got bumped from the Foreign Office because he believes it would be “nuts” to go to war with Iran.

Bush rang Blair and asked him (queruously) what his boy Jack was on.

British Foreign Secretaries are appointed in the White House.

I hadn’t seen anything about this in the media, but wondered it it had anything to do with this piece in The Scotsman where fellow MP George Pope said:

He has shown Miss Rice at first hand the strength of opinion against the war in Iraq and the division it has caused in his own back yard. When she goes back to Washington to discuss what happened about Iran, she can tell President Bush there is no way that the British can be expected to take part in view of domestic public opinion.

It has also very clearly shown Jack as a world statesman in his own right. Here was Condoleezza Rice coming to his constituency and then flying out to Baghdad with him to try to persuade the parties there to form a government. This was Jack Straw as a player on the world stage on his own, not in the shadow of Tony Blair as the Prime Minister’s gopher.

That would seem calculated to annoy the belligerent pair, Bush and Blair.

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