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Happy Hallowe’en!

From sunset on Saturday 29 May 2010 is Hallowe’en, All Hallows Eve, the Eve of All Saints Day, for Orthodox Christians.

Sunday 30th May 2010

* All Saints

St Isaacius, Founder of the Dalmatian monastery at Constantinople (383)
St Walstan of Bawburgh, Confessor (1016)
St Macrina, grandmother of St Basil the Great (4th)
St Hubert of Maastricht (Netherlands) (727)
St James, Monk of the Galich monastery (15th)
Martyr Barlaam of Caesarea in Cappadocia

Commemorated on May 30

The Sunday following Pentecost is dedicated to All Saints, both those who are known to us, and those who are known only to God. There have been saints at all times, and they have come from every corner of the earth. They were Apostles, Martyrs, Prophets, Hierarchs, Monastics, and Righteous, yet all were perfected by the same Holy Spirit.

For more see:

Study finds more U.S. Orthodox Christian converts –

Study finds more U.S. Orthodox Christian converts –

Although Orthodox churches were historically immigrant communities, the study found that nine out of 10 parishioners are now American-born. Thousands of members had converted to the faith as adults: 29% of Greek Orthodox are converts, as are 51% of the OCA.

‘I would not have expected this many,’ said Alexei Krindatch, the Orthodox Institute’s research director. ‘My sense was that in Greek Orthodox, it would be around 15%, and OCA maybe one-third.’

It would be interesting to see how that correlates with the language used in services. I suspect that more OCA parishes use English in their services.

Best Orthodox Christian Blogs

If you scroll down on the sidebar of this blog you’ll find a list of “Top theology blogs”. It’s interesting, but there are very few Orthodox blogs listed there, and I thought I’d create a list of Orthodox Christian blogs, and added some of my favourite ones.

The list is not exhaustive, and doesn’t even have all the Orthodox blogs I read. But it’s a start, and anyone who would like to add more is welcome to do so, and to comment on them. If you add a blog, please don’t forget to add the URL so that others can find it.

Update – NB

To add a blog, enter the NAME of the blog or web journal you want to add, and click on “ADD”.

When it has been added, click on the “Add link” and add the URL of the blog or web journal. DON’T put the URL in the name field, because clicking on it won’t take you to the blog, but only to the description of it on the Unspun site. Items on the list that are not blogs or web journals, or have no links to the URL, will be removed.

See the comments below for more information, or if you want to ask questions about this.

You can find the list of Best Orthodox Christian blogs here.

Frank Schaeffer: Obama’s Minister Committed "Treason" But When My Father Said the Same Thing He Was a Republican Hero – Politics on The Huffington Pos

US presidential hopeful Barack Obama has been attacked because the minister of his church criticised the US government and society, as if it was some heinous crime. Here Frank Schaeffer, the son of prominent US evangelical teacher Francis Schaeffer, points out the illogicality and inconsistency of such accusations.

Frank Schaeffer: Obama’s Minister Committed “Treason” But When My Father Said the Same Thing He Was a Republican Hero – Politics on The Huffington Post:

When Senator Obama’s preacher thundered about racism and injustice Obama suffered smear-by-association. But when my late father — Religious Right leader Francis Schaeffer — denounced America and even called for the violent overthrow of the US government, he was invited to lunch with presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, Sr.

Every Sunday thousands of right wing white preachers (following in my father’s footsteps) rail against America’s sins from tens of thousands of pulpits. They tell us that America is complicit in the ‘murder of the unborn,’ has become ‘Sodom’ by coddling gays, and that our public schools are sinful places full of evolutionists and sex educators hell-bent on corrupting children. They say, as my dad often did, that we are, ‘under the judgment of God.’ They call America evil and warn of immanent destruction. By comparison Obama’s minister’s shouted ‘controversial’ comments were mild. All he said was that God should damn America for our racism and violence and that no one had ever used the N-word about Hillary Clinton.

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