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South African Blog Awards 2013

I just received a reminder that the registration process for the South African blog awards is now open.

SABA-tiny-bannerAnyone who is interested can go here to register their blog.

I entered my blogs last year, but I think I’ll give it a miss this year. Last years winner wasn’t too bad, but I thought the runners-up were pretty poor quality. If you want to know why I thought that, see here.

The problem is that the “awards” are not really awards at all. It’s more like an election campaign, where the blogger who manages to run around getting the most friends and friends of friends to vote for their blog wins.

I put a little discreet announcement of the thing in the sidebar, and said that if people liked my blog, they could click on the link for vote for it. If they liked it they would, and if they didn’t, they wouldn’t. But if you want to get anywhere with such things you need to put a lot of effort into campaigning, and soliciting votes in the same way that people solicit “likes” on Facebook. I don’t like it when people solicit “likes”, and I don’t like soliciting votes for blog awards. The awards say nothing at all about the quality of the blogs, but rather they are a measure of how energetically the bloggers campaigned for votes.

It’s a bit like the lead up to the election of the leader of the ANC at Mangaung last year.

There’s all the politicking, the sucking up, the wheeling and dealing. It’s not about policies, it’s about personalities.

I said last year that I’d like to see Mamphela Ramphele as president of South Africa, which would mean that she would have had to go through all that politicking and wheeling and dealing and infighting and back-stabbing to get anywhere near the top of the heap, and I doubt that that would have been to her taste. And anyone who does find it en0ugh to their taste to get to the top of the heap is unlikely to make a good leader of the country. It was easier to start a new party than to go through all that.

And so with the SA Blog Awards.

They don’t really say much about the quality of the blogs. They are rather a measure of who could sucker enougyh friends and supporters to vote for them. But if you’re willing to put the effort into campaigning, go for it.



SA Blogging Awards

Just got a message to say that the SA Blogging Awards close today. I didn’t realise they had opened because Telkom had reduced our bandwidth without informing us, and so we were without Web access for four days. Not that it makes much difference, because the SA Blogging Awards are just as narrow-minded this year as they were last year.

The categories to enter have been simplified this year, and are as follows:

  • Best Business / Political Blog
  • Best Entertainment / Lifestyle Blog
  • Best Environmental Blog
  • Best Fashion Blog
  • Best Food & Wine Blog
  • Best Music Blog
  • Best Photographic Blog
  • Best Science and Technology Blog
  • Best Sport Blog
  • Best Travel Blog

Please choose a category which best fits your blog.

None of my blogs, nor any of the blogs I regularly read, fits into any of those categories. The organisers seem to have a very blinkered view of human life. Or is is just me?

As far as I can see there are huge swathes of human life and experience (which is what most blogs are about) missing from the list. I think quite a large number of the missing ones are covered by the H*U*M*A*N*I*T*I*E*S. As, of course, are the categories in Digg, which I avoid for the same reason.

I really think that blogging awards thingies should not be run by technogeeks. For them things like art, literature, history and religion simply do not exist.

Is there anything else you can see that has been left out?

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