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يارب يسوع المسيح ابن اللّه الحيّ إرحمني أنا الخاطئ

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The Pittsford Perennialist: Mailbag

The following comes via The Pittsford Perennialist: Mailbag:

A long-term friend of this blog(ger) sends along an article on a particularly stingy nation — Israel is biggest importer of philanthropy, but exports? Not so good. He also sends along this topical ditty:

Let’s kiss under the ancient trees
And whisper secrets in the breeze,
silently sitting by the bay
Just you and me (and NSA).

The self-confessed “NSA attention whore” sends these phrases along as well: “شكر أن صديقي” and “ستيفن.”

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