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يارب يسوع المسيح ابن اللّه الحيّ إرحمني أنا الخاطئ

Is blogging doomed?

One of the blogs in my blogroll is Aquila ka Hecate, which had an interesting (to me, anyway) discussion on the changing seasons. I wanted to comment on it, and found that I could not. Google had somehow linked the commenting facility to their Google+ (which becomes more clunky by the day), and it would not let me enter a comment. I could type the comment, but nothing appeared on the screen.

It was because of such things that I moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress several months ago. And the last thing I posted there was some negative comments about their trying to link blogs to Google+. In that case it was because of the reduced functionality of the Google+ profile, which they wanted to substitute for the Blogger one. But now they have included the commenting system as well, which doesn’t merely have reduced functionality, it simply doesn’t function at all.

And Aquila ka Hecate tried to move her blog to WordPress, here, and that doesn’t seem to have been too successful either? Is blogging doomed? It seems that the major blog hosts are out to destroy it.



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5 thoughts on “Is blogging doomed?

  1. syrbal on said:

    I also could n o longer comment on Aquila’s blogger site. I think it is a clunky Google issue, or perhaps it matters how the blogger sets it up. I moved to WordPress myself when de-googlizing my life, but I had no problem with moving to a free WordPress blog.

  2. aquilakahecate on said:

    I’m pretty furious right now, Steve.
    I’ll wait for WP to get back to me, but yes, the G+ thing was what irritated me the most. I couldn’t have comments on Blogger unless they were linked to G+. And we all have good reason to get the hel out of Google right now.
    I’m sorry you were inconvenienced, too.
    Terri in Joburg

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  4. Google+ Commenting System is optional, if you want the old system then go to the blogger profile page for the site, select Google+ and disable the Google+ commenting system.

    To be fair it does say that to comment with the new system you have to have a Google+ account at the moment.

  5. aquilakahecate on said:

    Syrbal, I’m sorry I inconvenienced you, too.
    I’m still not sorted.
    Wordpress have suspended my blog and haven’t got back to me 12 hours later.
    I’m kind of hoping they’ll pick a fight with me…ooops, I’ve already picked a fight with them. 🙂
    Chris, are you referring to Blogger? I tried to disable G+ comments and was absolutely unable to! On WP I dunno, as I said I’ve been suspended.

    Terri in Joburg

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